Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer our clients annual maintenance services for all kinds of test rigs. Our engineers will provide both Service support, breakdown support and regular periodic maintenance activities.

Service Support
Whenever an issue is reported by customer, we resolve it immediately over the phone or by taking remote access of the system. If the issues could not resolved remotely, then one of our qualified engineers will make a visit to solve the issues.

Breakdown Support
In case of any breakdown reported by customer, we send an engineer immediately to resolve the issue on a priority basis.

Periodic Maintenance
In addition to service and breakdown support, we also offer periodic visits to inspect the status of the machinery and computers. During this visit the health of computer disks and storage levels are checked and promptly backed up all important data files.

As part of AMC contract we also offer onsite calibration service. A detailed calibration erport will be generated and maintained on behalf of our clients.

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