ATE are intended to check the correct functionality of embedded hardware modules. We run both hardware and software related tests to cover the maximum functionality. These systems are equipped with powerful controllers which can emulate any kind of sensors that may be actually connected to the embedded controller when deployed in the field. We supply these test systems as a package with PC cabinets, control panel, wiring harness and fixtures if necessary.

Embedded Controller ATE

The purpose of this system is to check the controller for its correct functionality by emulating all inputs and outputs. We used NI PXI for emulating resistance based sensors. MODBUS protocol was used to communicate with the controller. NI LabVIEW was used to create test application software. View more

In-Circuit Tester

Our In-Circuit Testers uses bed of nails and NI PXI system to measure voltage, current and resistance. We could check for contact/continuity test, solder short and solder open test. All inputs including analog and digital I/O are emulated and the actual outputs are measured. Our LabVIEW application software comes with full test sequencing, user authentication, database integration and customized reports. The same jigs could be used for both In-Circuit Testing and Functional testing. The specially made jigs has anti slam gas springs and CAM system with interlock to protect the PCB and operator. Both single side probing and double side probing is achievable.

Cluster Inspection System

Our System is capable of testing 4 Cluster at a time. Different tests are performed like Software Version Checks ,DTC Checks , Tell Tale Sign Testing , Sleep Current measurement , Buzzer Testing , LCD/TFT Test, Gauge Calibration and Pointer sweep Test are carried out in our system. Complete CAN logs and images taken during test is stored for traceability purposes. Parallel testing of 4 Clusters significantly reduces the cycle time. Our modular platform gives us the flexibility to add more test in future without much investment.

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