Machine Vision System

The recent trend in manufacturing industry is to migrate from conventional manual testing to Vision based inspection system for improving the overall quality and achieving high standards. At ATS Technologies we can provide vision inspection solutions for your applications like pattern matching, object counting, bar-code reading, optical character recognition (OCR) and measurement of object dimensions.
We select the best cameras, lenses, lighting and write software in LabVIEW or Vision Builder for automated inspection to your specific needs. Some of the recent vision inspection systems are listed below.

Bearing Inspection System

This system inspects presence of bearing in a production line. NI Smart camera was used to take images on the fly. a central database system stores all the images and results for later retrieval.

Cluster Inspection System

This system guides the operator to assemble a cluster. Images are taken at appropriate times to validate the process followed by the operator. Also this system ensure all components are assembled properly.View more


Snapscan3D is a unique system which does both visual inspection as well as depth inspection with the help of camera and LASER respectively. A single system for all gauging applications. It can measure dimensions of very complicated parts. It can measure depth and Width with an accuracy up to 10 microns. It can be used in a quality lab or in production to check if the parts are manufactured as per specification. Any deviation in part dimensions can be highlighted immediately. With Snapscan3D, you can measure length, width, thickness, angle, diameter and step height.

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