Test Rigs

We are experts in developing test rigs for various automotive components. We have built endurance test rigs , End of line production tester, Assembly test rigs. All our rigs will be equipped with latest computer, control panel and mechanical fixtures. As per the requirements our team of engineer write customized software in NI LabVIEW. Our application software comes with full database integration, report generation, past data logs, user authentication, auto mode, manual mode and semi-auto mode.We have successfully commissioned various test rigs and some of them are listed below.

Starter Motor Endurance Test Rig

This system is capable of testing 4 starter motors at a time. All parameters like current voltage, torque, speed are plotted during the performance cycle. View more

Bioreactor Control System

This system was supplied to control the environment inside a bio-reactor so that the micro-organisms can be grown inside. It was built with NI RIO.View more

Valve Performance Test Rig

This rig was built to test steering valves for its correct performance.
NI Compact RIO was used to acquire data from the rig. NI FPGA was used to acquire data deterministically.

Car Seat Fatigue Test Rig

This system is capable of testing car seats for both linear motion and tilting motion. A computer driven hydraulic cylinders with load cell and LVDT continously measures the load applied and the distance travelled. This system runs 24X7 for millions of cycles.

Governor Valve Test Tig

This system is used for testing automotive air distribution valves. 6 ports were checked for correct inlet and outlet pressure. Computer with NI PCI cards were used to measure pressure and other process variables. Using servo drives the release pressure for all ports were set automatically based on the requirements.

Motor Performance Test Rig

This system is used for testing the motor performance in a production line. It can measure stall torque, current, voltage and speed. Load is applied using magnetic particle brakes from zero to full load. During loading all parameters are captured and efficiency of the motor is calculated.

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